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What are Your Dominating Thoughts?

Mornings walking the mountain roads near our home with our friendly ‘street’ dog Menta is when I am often struck by the obvious.  Many mornings I forget my realizations by the time I return home or the ‘note’ I wrote is senseless.

Last night we read chapter 3 of Think and Grow Rich at The chapter looks at ‘faith’ and how we use and misuse it creating the lives we experience and share with each other. Whatever your dominating thoughts are, they are mixed with your beliefs about them and have intended and unintended consequences.

I noticed this morning the attention and intentions you are organizes how your questions color how the world works for you.  It is possible your questions are a function of your commitments and past way of solving problems that worked for you.  I suspect unless you notice how and what you do, you will continue to have what you have, regardless of all other feeble or extraordinary attempts at changing your outcomes. The dominating thought theory suggests until analyzed your dominating thoughts will not alter the rest of the mix of whatever you put in.

I have noticed there are people who look for what pleases others, what others like and how to create situations that please others. Their emphasis is on what works well for everyone and a general awareness of what is happening around them, especially the effect they have on the circumstances and situations they encounter in their dance of life each day.  Their attention is on others and as the observer they disappear. There is lightness, humor and a spirit of happiness present wherever they go.

The other method and I find it the most common is to look for and at what displeases people. Special notice on what they and others don’t like, the cataloging of circumstances, the attempt to avoid the ‘triggers’ as they understand them, the rules needed to prevent upsets and unhappiness all seem to dominate and be a part of those lives. The emphasis and attention comes from the observer and equates the observed relative to the observer.  The clouds of misery and unhappiness are always overhead or on the horizon.  This method is useful in avoiding landmines providing there is no other way to get where you are going.

If you are looking for what works the sign saying landmines ahead has you veer course as only experts may detect all potential explosions. Miss one and you ruin your day and everyone’s day you are with.   In fact the more people you walk into a field of landmines with the more likely your day will be ruined.  There appears to be gatherings of both types.  Their ‘dance’ makes sense to everyone practicing the same steps.

If you are looking for what works, among a group of landmines that are forever changing course relative to all the other landmines, you either become one or get hurt, often.  Misery loves company.  I wonder is it possible to dance with what works in spite of the landmines.  Is it possible to defuse enough of the field for workability to appear? Is there some way to shift or turn landmines into sunshine?  I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.

There are 13 Laws to Success.

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