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In The Shadows No More

I am posting this email and it speaks for itself.  Stay Tuned for more.

To members of Network Marketing Professionals

Eric Worre

2/11/09 5:28pm CST

Network Marketing is a subculture. An underworld. We make our fortunes on the fringe, sharing the means and methods of our success only with our own.

This is going to change.

I am out to radically transform the perception of our profession. We are involved in a $120 billion dollar global business that remains, inexcusably, a secret to most. Worse, it is often considered a “dirty little” secret among its own practitioners, hard-working people unable to take pride in their business due to the failings and misdeeds of a small minority of Network Marketers that came before.

It’s time to upend the stigma surrounding our business. It is time to take pride in how we make our living. It is time to meet the criticisms facing our industry head-on as we declare that we have found a better way. And it is time we lead with “I am a Network Marketing professional” as we first reach to shake a person’s hand, rather than apologetically burying the truth of our vocation deeper in the conversation.

I am looking for like-minded people who are as eager as I am to re-frame the conversation surrounding Network Marketing. I am asking fellow professionals who are as tired as I am of combating the false perceptions of our business– professionals who are willing to champion their own cause within our business and without. And I am putting the “traditional” business world on notice, standing firm on my belief that Network Marketing, done right, can offer what other lines of work cannot.

On March 11th at 12noon eastern time, I will launch what will become THE source of awareness, pride, and warts-and-all truth in the world of Network Marketing. Here we will not shrink from criticism, but rather welcome it, own it, and move past it. Here we will speak unapologetically of our industry and pledge to take our message out beyond the walls of our business. And here we will devote ourselves to bettering our own occupational self-esteem as a way to elevate the esteem of our industry on the whole.

It’s time to go mainstream. Time to stop the apologies. Time to lead with the truth instead of succumbing to innuendo. And time to say out loud what we say to ourselves-that Network Marketing is not merely another way, but rather a better way.

Join me!

Your friend and partner,

Eric Worre – Network Marketing Professional

P.S. There is no financial opportunity associated with this project and it will be offered completely free of charge

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