The short version How I moved to Colombia.

I was sitting at my work desk in Minnesota in 2000. The leaves were cascading in the wind and the glory of fall was past. You could almost smell the snow coming and I had a sudden realization; if I didn’t do something different I would be sitting at that desk until I was 75, perhaps longer.  I enjoyed my work, the people I worked with and they supported me in every way possible to be successful.  The murmur repeated and I thought, “If You want me to move, offer the way and I will follow.”

I had taken one day off the previous eight years. Work really was that much fun! I was encouraged to lighten up a little. In 2001 I spent over four weeks vacationing. One week in southern California taking a ‘vacation’ called the “failure” course the path glimmered. The next week I spent in northern California and the glimmering became a bright white light. Events aligned and I moved to California. If it didn’t fit in my car, I sold it or gave it away. The murmur suggested I travel with as little baggage as possible.

After two weeks in Berkeley I knew I was not at my final destination. I began researching where I wanted to live using the internet. I discovered ‘The Valley of Eternal Spring’ Colombia. I knew no one there or the language and saw no way of ever moving there. My research told me the world’s view of the place was contrived, however.  I knew if He wanted me there the path and events to have it happen would appear. I promptly forgot the planted idea and continued my adventure in California. A friend of mine suggested I entertain a dating service. Most services are local affairs and reminded me of high school dances. I chose one more international in scope. Everyone the system suggested lived outside California. Imagine that! One afternoon, Clara’s bio appeared and our conversation began.

Clara was already planning to visit her parents in southern California for two weeks. Their plans included visiting Death Valley. I called where they were staying to find out that weekend needed reservations a year in advance if you wanted to stay in either of the two hotels in the area. While on the phone with the second hotel someone canceled and I had my reservation. Our first face to face meeting is a sparkling memory. The glimmer was really bright. It rained that weekend in Death Valley, an unusual rain. We spent the next weekend wandering the usual tourist spots around Los Angeles. Clara went home and we continued talking.

A few months later I visited Clara in Medellin. I have been here now over five years. Clara and I married a little more than a year after our first meeting when it rained in Death Valley. My sister Virginia sent me an email as a wedding present. I had sent her the email three years earlier telling her about my dream of living in The Land of Eternal Spring.  I had shared with her my excitement finding a place on the planet that had the first two weeks of Minnesota’s June spring weather, every day. I then realized the path had indeed appeared and the seed is producing fruit.

The only dangerous thing about this city is if you come here you will not want to leave.

Any interest your dreams actually coming true?

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