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Until you Believe it You Can’t See It.

A good friend of mind recently put me off because he didn’t see what I was offering.

I average over 5 new people every day taking this offer.

I am an expert at what the 5% are offering and looking for.  They are offering hype and looking for your money. I have done the same. What about the majority of the 95% left?

Our solution is a program with no cost except for your name and email.  Anyone who works it will make money.  Work is generating traffic to your personalized sites already built and is easily accomplished at 500 hits per hour of work.  500 hits generate a lead. Every five leads produces two who quit, two who haven’t decided what to do and one who works it.  In other words 2500 hits produce a worker. These are ‘free’ traffic stats.  When identified with a call first I have almost 100% taking the offer with the same groups forming.  Of the two out of five in the ‘figuring mode’ the earliest ones appear to have the same two quit, two remain studying and one goes to work.

An earlier analysis of mine of people suggests 70% are lost; they are not looking, not ready, not capable and not worth anyone’s time until they give up their ‘momma feed me’ tactics. Most of this group make horrible employees and will be delegated to the real trash heap of history. While I wish it were not so, until each one on an individual basis decides to take responsibility for their lives they are suckers looking for a place to happen. This group is attracted to DI4A and appears to exit rather quickly. With no free lunch and ‘momma must feed me’ they are gone. Free brings them in but as soon as ‘work’ appears they quit.

25% of the population is being bamboozled by all sources on all sides. Many will find success in a career and believe their lives make a difference. They do but in a very limited scope.  This is our target market.  Everyone else is selling them a bicycle and the plans for it or a new and improved method on learning how to ride. Not one of those methods actually has people ride the bicycle. DI4A puts them on one for no monetary fee. Many will fall off, many times, until they get ‘balance.’ Once anyone finds balance they will not be able to explain how any better than anyone else ever has. YOU HAVE TO GET ON THE BIKE!!!! No other method works.

5% are the cream, the ones everyone is hunting for and willing to sacrifice their children, their families and everything else to find. They know how to ride. I recently found Bill Britt’s prospecting numbers of his first 10 years in Amway. His numbers are remarkable and almost exactly the same percentages as the current big hitters in the industry. (Here are The numbers to beat.) The last 50 years of network marketing only works for the 5% who have the money, skills and attitude who are ready to go to work. ANY of these four areas not in the 90th percentile and they will fail. These are the same numbers for real estate agents and insurance agents. All three careers require ‘prospecting.’  Prospecting is marketing not sales. My first recognition of these numbers is

If you are looking for 5 per centers like I am, the rest will wear you out. I tired of not having anything to offer or no way for the 95 to get out of their own way except the usual scam offers everyone else had.  The typical ‘funded proposal’ methods everyone uses abuses the 95%, taking their money, to find the 5% who will get the job done. DI4A says there has to be a way to expand the circle of success. DI4A does that and already people are surprised how much fun it is to make more money than it costs them a month. Selling picks and shovels to gold miners worked for a short period of time in CA after 1849. The first automobiles required you know how to fix; repair and actually build an entire automobile in order to safely go for a drive. Offering network marketing in either of these formats no longer is necessary. Most people still do.

Get a Gmail account. Get a couple. Most other ISP’s are worthless, unfriendly to business and only for family and friends email systems.  Get into DI4A at any of the dozen methods we have already. I have only shown you a few.  The quickest is or just go to

The 100 emails sent to you over the next year are some of our best material. I request you speak for yourself. What others may or may not think is for them. My experience so far is the vast majority of people are excuse’aholics.’ DI4A was built to eliminate all the excuses. We put off showing this ‘garish’ site until now, but everyone uses this style because it works.  Ours makes fun of them; it is a work in progress as well as puts people on the bike.  Go back and look at it again. Notice the last ‘buy’ button says ‘HURRY, UNLIMITED TIME OFFER.’  Anyone will make money who works this. I give it to as many as I can every day. They will either work it or not. My minimum goal is to have 100 working by Jan 2010.  100 a month is only 125 entries a week. Many of you can shatter any goals I have.

What program are you working? Suffering finding people who are in the 5%? Create your own system without having to babysit any of them or use DI4A. What could you do with an extra $2000 clear each month and 100 people who had the same ‘problem’ and you to ‘blame’ for it.

Call me if you have questions.

Michael Eisbrener


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