6 Sure Signs of the Best Home Business [4U]


There are many, some say millions, of people looking for the best home business that will fit them. If you are looking for more money, one penny is more and I doubt that’s what you mean. The best home business for your needs must fit your requirements.

Here are six areas to look at or frame what you are looking for. The best will have all six fit you perfectly. Only, you will have to try them on first. Success is a function of learning from your failures.  The only way to guarantee failure is to quit.

1. A company and its track record.

I wonder what the attraction is to prelaunch, brand new and get in before anyone else does.  Participating in these kinds of offers will almost guarantee your failure if you have never participated in a home business before.  If you are looking for the first time or never made a real profit from a previous home business I suggest you only look at companies that have passed through the hoops that separate losers from winners.

Any business less than two years old is still in post dream building stage. One reason your friendly government over sight pays so little attention in the first two years is most companies don’t see their second birthday. Companies in the two to four year age group that are thriving suggest everything is in place for the long term and you still have flexibility and huge potential. Companies over four years old that are growing and thriving are the next best place to be trained in what works.

2. What does the company have to offer?

Whatever the company is selling or offering be sure it is something you already use, want or need. If it saves you money, time or both that’s even better.  There are people who can promote something they could care less about. The rest of us however cannot fake sincerity.

There are products I think are always overpriced. Selling information is number one. With a little time spent at your favorite search engine you will likely discover it or its exact copy can be had for no cost somewhere online. All too often information is window dressing for an overpriced, worthless money game of one sort or another. The next ‘product’ not worth your time is anything that will likely cost less in the next two years or sooner. Everything related to communication and most technology ‘good deals’ are in this group.  Something that sells for $100 today, that was $400 only last year will cost $20 next year, be free or be obsolete in two.

Reread number one. Companies with a good to great track record have products that people want and are willing to pay to have.  Anything consumable, especially if it tastes good, has serious potential for extreme long term growth. If it’s unique and makes a difference right now give the company and its products a long, long look.
3. Cost of entry must fit your budget.

If you haven’t heard CASH is in short supply when you start any business. There will be dozens and potentially hundreds of things you ‘need’ to support your new business. Besides the cost of entry there are monthly costs and marketing can send you to the poor house unless you maintain a tight budget.  If you have a current job, you may increase your take home pay because you have ‘new’ tax deductions you have been spending money on for years.  Identify all, or at least as many as you can, of the monthly costs you will incur to operate your new business. Can you and are you willing to spend the money for the next six months or longer before you break even?  The flow of life often has a ‘funny’ way of calling you on your commitments. Something will happen that tests your mettle. Those who stay the course, win.
4. Keep it simple, the fewer the steps the better.

Unless you really like to play store, or already have one, you do not want a program that has you do anything besides find new people.  In today’s world a garage full of product is not only illegal but unnecessary. Production, packaging, shipping, billing are all done by the company for every legitimate home business program today.  Personal use and samples should be the total of your monthly product requirements. Find another company if that is not the case.

5. How do you attract new customers with the company’s marketing plan?

The marketing system in use must be something you will use that fits you. Again review number one above.  There are many ways to market products and opportunities. If you are unwilling to learn new ways, strategies or your only commitment is in using your skills not related to the company’s plan you may want to consider a different opportunity more in alignment with you.  Another consideration is the additional cost some companies ask of you for their ‘marketing’ system.  If you or they have a system you can easily plug into that allows potential customers to find you easily, the process is much simpler and profits occur quicker.

6. Compensation plans must be understandable and show you how to succeed.

Even if you are only paid an hourly wage you know what needs to happen and what you need to do to have your wages increase. In the beginning it is usually only a time function. The more time you work the more money you make but as your experience and productivity increase so does your hourly wage.  Every company has a compensation plan. Many are tortured examples of the unexplainable.  In general the best ones all work based on the longer you participate and the more people you find.  A quick way to look at home business compensation plan is to ask how many people must be in your organization purchasing the average monthly product order to make $1000, $10,000 and $20,000.  How many people will you have to find to have one person ordering every month? Typically the more levels you get paid the less each person is worth. If you know how many people you need to produce the income you are after what you must do to find them will become clear.  The other consideration is how many people does it take to break even? The more complicated and the more levels paid the more people it will take in the beginning to break even.  If it takes over a 1000 to make a $1000 and you need 10 or more to cover your costs each month and most people only average two ever you may want to keep looking.

If you spend some time with a company’s compensation plan it will show you where and how to spend your time and energies.  Find out how often the company has changed their plan and did it cause people to leave or make more money?  The industry has come a long way in the last 60 years. There are compensation plans that really are a work of art, that produce a remarkable amount of income in record time and once you see their power you will never go back to a salary or hourly job again.


One of these six areas will push your hot button. If you are lucky it will push you out and have you look for some other program. If one hooks you positively remember the other six must rise to some level of acceptance too. Once that occurs, you may ignore or quit looking any further.  Compare and ask what if.  Sleep on it more than one night but once you know you have found the right one for you, jump in with both feet as soon as possible. Put your blinders on and stay on the path for six months minimum and for real value one year.  If you could purchase a brand new McDonald’s you would not expect to break even for two to three years and not be in six figure monthly profit for five years. Do you have a couple million dollars to begin? There is a home business out there with your name on it that meets all six areas for you and will provide you with a McDonald’s income in the same five year time period if that is what you are looking for.


The program that hit 90 to 150% in all six areas for me! GO Be Great NOW!

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