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A place called Home – the Intention

The dream is alive again

Was growing dim around the edges

Shining brightly now

Funny how our dreams are tied so closely to our beliefs

And our beliefs so closely to our feelings

Deeper breaths, wider smiles and no more back pain

The body is a messenger

Its pains speak volumes

And pain free is the title of chapter one

A new dawn has broken

Full of unlimited possibilities

All we need do is ask

And it shall be given

And ask I shall

For a grand vision

An empowerment movement

Disguised as a wand…how clever!

With a million takers around the globe

All wanting to make a difference

Healing on all levels

Including financial

For money is simply energy

It is time for the difference makers to wand their finances

Into vibrant health

To live a debt free experience

Debt free…stress free

So their gifts can surface

And be shared

A grand family affair

With vibrational alignment at the core

So necessary, so right, so Now

Gentlemen start your engines

The second wave is coming

I can feel it!

Just like I felt the first …only bigger this time

With staying power

Next stop one Billion

All radiating with energized faces

Boasting big smiles

And a look of deep knowing in their eyes

Like they had found what they were looking for

Peace of mind amidst gratitude

A place called Home  [visit mine now!]

By Sam Adams

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