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Who Wrote the Rules we Play and Live by?


We are filled with rules and beliefs most of which were done to us with our permission. We appeared as an empty vessel and over time warm, spaghetti like noodles of belief, rules, and assumptions filled our minds of mush.  We forgot most of them and only remember when one is triggered, violated which always causes some kind of upset.

The search for the ones to hold onto, the rock bottom principles all the principles, the rules and everything else is what I will use the next long series of blog entries.  I created a new Twitter account called IceburnerRules and it will tweet rules, beliefs, thoughts and ideas on anything and everything related to the rules we devise on purpose and by accident of birth.  My intention is to find the ones, the few, that resonate together to replace the current mish mash of connections I am living life through.   Each tweet is a noodle that is being pulled from the clear crystal bowl of my imaginary life filtering system.

Come along and join the show.

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