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You Can’t UNlearn Anything!

If you haven’t noticed once you learn how to ride a bicycle the ‘knowing how’ is forever there.  You cannot unlearn the ability.  Once you become accustomed to ‘getting it’ in a certain way ‘it’ becomes the burr that aggravates.  Get the right answer on the first attempt ten times in row and it is your expected result.  Only an eleven will fill the expectation and it becomes the new standard. Your best time, your best anything, becomes the ruler that you set yourself against  That may be one of my particular ‘rules’ for upsets but look for yourself.

It does not matter that the balance that is ingrained from the bicycle is worthless on a skateboard or for surfing for that matter.  I imagine they are the same however after you ‘get’ them too.. Once gotten the ‘gift’ is hardwired and you will not forget even if you wanted to forget. We acquire habits usually without paying attention and removing them amounts to a new overlay…if you are good at them. Removal? Tough and it can be done because I have done it.  However the ‘knowing’ from the original never leaves.

Once you discover that there is never enough, no matter how good you get there is always more to go, there is always better.  Be the ‘fastest gun’ in the West and eventually you will meet someone faster.  That movie theme is a horror story at a core level.  OR it’s just what’s so with the flip side so what.

The so what seems seldom.  There have been experiences that left me with nothing can top this. In that area there was no reason to do ‘it’ any longer.  This isn’t the ‘lost chord’ but more like the perfect moment or ‘a ha’ and chalk it off as lesson learned, move on.

All of this is background for removing all the rules, beliefs, assertions and logic systems we accumulate.  Something about the extra energy available once you clean your car, empty your garage of junk and clean the closets.  It always take longer than you expect.


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