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What You Don’t Know

If all the knowledge, information and total sum of the universes complete set of rules and principles was in one big circle it would be three pieces.  The first piece, the smallest, is what you know.  Some of us may know more than you and some less but for all of us this piece is the smallest.

The next piece is much larger.  It’s what you don’t know.  This piece seems to get bigger faster than what you know. It seems the more you know the more you don’t know grows faster.   A better way to describe these two pieces is the first one is what you know that you know.  The second piece is what you know that you don’t know.   You know you don’t know how to fix your car or dozens of other things. Your knowing you don’t know enables you to handle the unexpected before it happens.  The third area is many times larger than these two areas combined.

The third area is what you don’t know that you don’t know.  This is the area that bites you without warning every time.  This is the area where once you discover access it is a wonderful place to discover things that move into what you know that you don’t know.  This area is full of myth and mystery.  People take rules from what they know they know and attempt to fit them where they do not belong.  An example is persistence.

Don’t quit, don’t ever give up, keep on trying until you succeed is for many pure myth.  If your experience is limited to just a partial piece of the puzzle, like how a chocolate cake tastes and you decide to make one with no idea what the ingredients are you can try for a long long time and never come up with a chocolate cake.  You may come up with chocolate syrup, chocolate milk, chocolate something but all the ingredients are required, in sequential order, placed in an oven for a period of time. No recipe, no cake.

I have been in sales, marketing and recruiting for a long long time.  I have had great successes.  I have also failed spectacularly too.  What are the essential ingredients for success? What is the minimum recipe for success?  What was present that made it work that was missing that meant failure instead?  It is a finite number of ingredients and I will report what they are next time.

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