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The Essential Ingredients for Networking Success

If you have spent any time in sales, multi level marketing, network marketing or recruiting you have seen the various lists of elements, topics, principles or skills of what it takes to be a success.  Much of it is about a list. Ok you need one but people with small lists are successful and so are people with large lists.  Adding to a list, building a list and working a list is required but in my view overworked.

I think it comes down to two skill sets.  The art of the invitation, solicitation and motivation that brings people to your web site or a third party tool of some kind is job one. People with great success have as few as one out of five invitations honored and others as high as four out of five.   The higher the number the fewer people you will have to invite before someone enrolls

The other part is usually called follow up but more important for every five people that say they will visit, honor your invitation, the closer to five that do is important. The setup to the follow up may be the easiest and most overlooked skill.  Being someone that when people make a promise they keep it or renegotiate before the promise is due is essential.   You have to know your numbers.  One of the most successful networkers managed to have one out of every five he invited attend an introduction to his business and one out of five who attended enrolled.  He shared the opportunity with 40 new people every week and averaged five enrollments a month for ten years.  If his invitation success was double so would his enrollments.

It’s time to invite ten new people at least four days every week to review your program. I am.

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