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One of my Favorite set of Aphorisms

The truth doesn’t mean anything.

It just is.

If you keep saying it

The way it really is,

Eventually your word

Is law in the universe.

Humans keep looking for

A truth that fits their reality.

Given our reality,

The truth doesn’t fit.

If you experience it,

It’s the truth.

The same thing believed

Is a lie.

In life,

Understanding is the booby prize.

Obviously this truth is

What’s so

Not so obviously, it’s also

So what.

You don’t get to vote on the way it is.

You already did.

When you’ve said all of the

Bad things and all of the good things

You haven’t been saying,

You will find that what you’ve really

Been withholding is, “I love you.”

You don’t have to go looking for love

When it is where you come from.

If you’re not all right the way you are

It takes a lot of effort to get better.

Realize you’re all right the way you are,

And you’ll get better naturally.

Don’t change beliefs,

Transform the believer.

One creates from nothing.

If you try to create from something

You’re just changing something.

So, in order to create something you

First have to be able to create nothing.

To make sure a person doesn’t find out

Who he is, convince him that he

Can’t really make anything disappear.

All that’s left then is to resist,

Solve, fix, help or change things.

That’s trying to make

Something out of something.

Life is a game.

In order to have a game

Something has to be more important

Than something else.

If what already is,

Is more important than what isn’t

The game is over.

So, life is a game in which what isn’t

Is more important than what is.

Let the good times roll.

I know that you know

That I love you,

What I want you to know

Is that I know

You love me.


Is a function of accepting what is.


Is a function of communication.


Is a function of participation.

Self Expression

Is a function of responsibility.

It is much easier to ride the horse

In the direction he’s going.

Life is a ripoff

When you expect to get what you want.

Life works

When you choose what you got.

Actually what you got is what you chose.

To move on, choose it.

Perfection is a state in which

Things are the way they are

And are not the way they are not.

As you can see, this universe is perfect.

Don’t lie about it.

You’re god in your universe,

You caused it.

You pretended not to cause it

So that you could play in it,

And you can remember you caused it

Any time you want to.

This is it.

There are no hidden meanings.

All that mystical stuff

Is just what’s so.

A master is someone who found out.

The essence of communication is intention.

If you could really accept

That you weren’t ok

You could stop proving you were ok.

If you could stop proving

That you were ok

You could get that it was ok not to be ok.

If you could get that it was ok not to be ok

You could get that you were ok the way you are.

You’re ok, get it?

The end is the end,

Or it isn’t.

The end justifies the means,

Or it doesn’t.

If God told you

Exactly what it was you were to do

You would be happy doing it

No matter what it was.

What you’re doing is

What God wants you to do.

Be happy.

Werner Erhard

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