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Some People Make Life Way More Difficult Than They Have To.

Money is like rain.  It falls on everyone… except if you live in a desert and then not so much.  If you are looking for rain you may want to expand your horizons and leave the desert for somewhere else.

I keep track of and look at how my ‘commitments’ line up.  When my commitments, both ‘thrown’ and generated were at odds with each other I had a lot of accidents.  When they are congruent it rains a lot because I live where it rains every day.  There are poor people here too.  They would be much poorer living in a desert.

The first rule is the way to get what you want is want what you got.  All the conversations about rich people this and that are about not wanting what you have…. or they have.   When you want what you got… it literally disappears.  You may have noticed how the most splendid days and wonderful moments quickly disappear only to leave you with the same old misery.  It is misery ‘because’ you don’t want it.  Whatever you ‘resist’ persists.

There is something about the way we ‘appreciate’ what we have that grows it, returns it and fosters its abundance… or not.   There is plenty of water, food, energy, money for everyone and the more you want the more you will have if you ‘appreciate’ it correctly.  What are you attracting? What are you spending most of your conscious hours thinking about?  You likely have whatever it is.

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