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How – Why – What

You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. – Mark Twain

The three, how, why and what are a triangle that when used cover the space of possibility.

Until recently I was unable to handle a ‘why’ question.  Why is usually associated with some kind of negative. Why did you do that? Why are sitting down? These make wrong questions put people on the defensive and even if there is an ‘answer’ it has no power either.

Why when asked about the past, perhaps any question directed toward the past has limited value.  On the other hand, why directed at the future may be useful.  Often when we do something for a long time, with an intended future purpose, the tasks become stale, habitual and lose their edge.  Why are we doing this can resurrect the future intention that started it all.

I like how questions. How do I do this? How can I accomplish this? How does this work?  There is something about the mystery that pulls me into action.  There is always more energy here.  Completing projects, especially after they have become filled with habitual actions has been a challenge.  Why did we start this?  May resurrect the initiative.

What do we do now?  Let’s go to work! Pick one ends your physical pain. guarantees you can sell your home or property. saves you more a month than it’s one time cost…for at least three years.


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