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You Can’t DO Anything with Your Experience!

You likely disagree.  You can share your experience but that is sharing.  You can describe your experience but that is a description of it.  A description is not the experience. You can describe a cat in every detail and that will not have a cat come out of your mouth. You can describe every event and action but that will not create or recreate the event or action. You can have it but that is having.  You actually cannot even experience it directly but only notice it after it is over and that is noticing it.

Most of the time when someone notices their experience it is when it goes bad or when ‘it’ ends. Experience is about being and humans seem addicted to doing and having.  No one for the most part even recognizes his or her being.  In fact I assert that we avoid being.  Like being embarrassed, being happy, being excited.  They all end the moment you notice them.  My attention to the experience somehow alters the experience.  What we call life, is a story about our opinion of the experiences.  What we call life is two steps removed from our experience!  The bad news is that is the way it is arranged and some people do drugs to avoid it and others just don’t notice.  All there seems to be is noticing it.  It doesn’t change anything but if gives you some small chance to say it like it is.

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