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Transformation or Self Improvement?

Self improvement is a great place to prepare the ground for transformation.  Self improvement is learning and discovering how to do something, how to do it better, how to do it different and you either use it or lose it.   The tendency of self improvement both expands ability and limits our vision and understanding to what we know.  It is like owning a tool box and in the beginning you have a limited number of tools.  If all you have are hammers everything appears to be a nail.   Self improvement once began must be an ongoing process.  The opportunity, the ground prepared with self improvement makes the transformation much more certain.

Transformation is sudden and complete change with no way to return.   An example is a caterpillar undergoes a transformation to become a butterfly.   A transformation occurred the moment you discovered balance to ride a bicycle.  There was crashing and no balance, and then suddenly you are riding.  You can’t unlearn or forget how to ride a bicycle.

In the early 80’s I took my first transformational course.  I walked in a caterpillar and came out some kind of butterfly.  My life is before and after that experience.  Along the way there have been others courses and many more self improvement programs.  I added another four years of college credit to some list as well.  Transformation is what interests me and self improvement is as essential as a bicycle to learning how to ride one.

In my search for all the keys I have chosen one to pursue until it and I are synonymous.

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