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Five of the Most Popular Reasons for Failure

100 years ago the book The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles showed people they could leave their factory jobs and take on the challenge of being their own boss homesteading 200 acres.  They could have a great life for themselves, their families and their posterity.  Most people then, just like today, did not take up the challenge and chose to complain instead.  Many of the people who did take up the challenge failed for the same reasons people fail today.

An unwillingness to fail or follow directions is most common.  If you follow directions you will likely fail the first few times and maybe the first dozen. Many sabotage their own efforts because they do not follow directions… (Hint:  #1 means you do it first and complete it before you begin #2.)  Overcoming your fear of failure is not walking the path of ‘looking good.’

The ‘Monkey Mind’ is screaming and you quit one step from success. Take a break once in awhile but do not quit.

We are trained since preschool to practice at a job mentality.  Just because you have been trained and educated for a job does not mean you have to live inside that box.  Job types say… I can’t because….. Owner types say… How can I accomplish….

How often do we waste time and money? We all spend time and money on worthless endeavors.  Most people have a budget full of waste.  It wouldn’t be a waste if you spent some money on your business and it failed as long as you learned from the failure.  Build a time and money budget.  Work with a coach, mentor and a successful upline.

Waiting for someone else to do it guarantees it will not get done.  Stop believing someone will show you, help you or do it for you. You are all there is. The law of association says who you spend time with makes a difference. Hang out with excuses and that is what you have. Hang out with achievers and you will.  The answer to every question I asked as a kid was, ‘Look it up!’  The internet has everything you need and all the answers are free.

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