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The Quest for NOW

Learn from the past, set vivid, detailed goals for the future, and live in the only moment of time over which you have any control: now. – Denis Waitley

The first rule is do not believe or disbelieve what follows.  Use what works or appears to work for you.  Leave the rest for someone else.  The skeptic can’t see with perpetual blindness and making something ‘true’ alters the way it works.  I don’t know the reason.   I don’t believe in hammers or wrenches.  I use them appropriately when possible.  Their use seems unrelated to a belief system.  I could be wrong.  I could be missing something important in their use too.

“Now” exists and when experienced ‘directly’ the moments are profound and usually incredible.  The moments with the most charge are terrifying, emotionally exhilarating and or life altering.  Much of what we remember and especially forget does not have this quality or memory imprint and it continues moment by moment.

There is a ‘what happens’ and this happens constantly with or without me noticing it.  There is also my story about what happens.  The tendency to label my version of what happens as the truth generates agreement and conflict. The more ‘exhilarating’ the time the more convinced I am of the ‘truth’ of what happened, my experience.

My story of what happened is always outside of now and is an explanation of some past experience with the intention to convey the experience in words.   My explanation does not provide the experience, a copy of it or even a close rendition of it.   Words do convey information.  When I say ‘cat’ a cat does not appear but perhaps as a picture of a past cat in the minds of those reading or listening.    Every explanation on how to ride a bicycle does not provide riding on a bicycle, what is needed to ride a bicycle or a remote sense of the difficulty and trouble required to accomplish riding on a bicycle.

Who accesses ‘now’ and how do ‘I’ maintain the ‘now’ experience?   I have some ideas.

Time isn’t precious at all, because it is an illusion. What you perceive as precious is not time but the one point that is out of time: the Now. That is precious indeed. The more you are focused on time—past and future—the more you miss the Now, the most precious thing there is. — Eckhart Tolle

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