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Two of the Six Areas Required to Succeed

I believe there are six areas of concern in any project or money making opportunity.

Time is your most precious asset. You and everyone else gets the same 24 hours a day.  The program must be designed in such a way that if you dedicate a two to four hours a day to find others who do the same you will leverage your and their time.  Programs that only pay you one time on your effort are old school and usually are only found at a job.  JP Getty said, “I’d rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men than 100% of my own effort.”  The more time you spend helping others the more people who will help you get what you want.  Spend 95% of your time marketing, building your list in as many ways as you can master.

Patience … gestation … NO ONE, NOT ONE TIME, has made a fortune overnight at anything, ever.  Even at the tables in Las Vegas, it does not happen.  You must be prepared to work at least six months without being in profit.  If you want to keep your mind in check, I recommend you give a project at least one year before you even consider quitting.  If designed correctly many people are in profit their first month and so can you. Serious profit every month is also doable in three to four months. Commit to having it happen even if it takes you twelve months. The gestation period, the time it takes from when you plant the seed until the seed breaks ground and then the time it takes for the plant to bear fruit is obvious when you plant a garden the second time.  Give yourself time to have your plans break even and then produce long everlasting fruit.

Two more considerations of the six are here tomorrow.

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