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Two More Areas Required to Succeed

Yesterday was patience and time. One you can develop and practice and the other you may manage you in it.  Two more of my six requirements are money and income…

Spending money to make money is a common refrain.  You must spend money, to make money…Period!  Yes, there are programs that don’t cost money but time is money and they usually cost a lot of time.  What is your time worth? Pennies?  Most ‘free’ programs won’t return anything. If they provided some training maybe, they would move you into something else.  Find a program that enchants you, that whispers your name and then save or come up with the money to join.  Your times true value can be hundreds of dollars an hour and for years you are paid for what you do well in a home business.

Income streams and residual incomes for most people are nonexistent. No one even talks about passive income!  A job is NOT an income stream. It is at best a good pump that as long as you ‘work’ it, the income you produce pays for some of your effort. Your work is an income stream for your employer and all the governments you pay taxes based on your ‘income’ but not for you.  If you find a ‘job’ that pays you for ‘work’ you did yesterday and last year I want to know about it.   Some people cry ‘pyramid scheme’ at everything but the biggest one on the planet.  Entry level positions at all the largest corporations pay pennies compared to the salaries found at the top positions.   Your chance of going from “Greeter” and carts retriever to corporate CEO is as close to zero as exists anywhere. Yes, the chances of working a legitimate networking company all the way to corporate CEO income is small, only 5%. Compare the same effort and time put into a corporate job, how much times zero do you have to work to get to 5%? Last time I checked, zero times every number is still zero. That legitimate J.O.B. keeps you poor forever.

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