Everything is Spam to Someone.

Spam is considered garbage. However, one person’s garbage is often someone else’s treasure.  In Social Media environments, you can stop the information easily. Most people have little ability keeping junk out of their email inbox however.

Systems work the way they do by design.  If you don’t like all the advertisements coming to your postal address you can ask them to keep it.  The postal service loves their ‘spam’ because it helps pay their bills.  UCE is legal providing a number of items are present while non-profits and political systems have unlimited leeway to annoy without consequence.   ISP’s hate spam because it generates complaints and upsets employees.  Imagine what would happen if the suddenly stopped providing service to people who complain too much.  A dream of mine actually and too much is once from some people.

It appears to come down to perception.  It’s not easy and when you add in trying to please everyone it is near impossible.  I generally ban, block and rid myself of anyone upset about ‘spam.’   When it rains and you don’t have an umbrella enjoy the shower! If someone sends information that doesn’t meet my standards I unfollow, block, add to the black list, etc.  It is more difficult to unsubscribe most of the time. People who are unpleasant, unhappy and generally judgmental about how the world should treat them please hang out somewhere else.  Those days when my attitude meter is in the negative just about everything occurs as worthless spam.  Days when all is well some remarkable stuff appears!

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