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Enhance Your Energy [MONEY]


Everything is energy! Money is energy. Big money takes big energy. Get into shape, eat properly and get enough rest! As a goal this really impacts the score and cash flow is one way to keep it.

Increase Your Value

We are paid in direct proportion to the value we deliver to the marketplace.  If you are not earning a lot of money now, it is because you are not delivering a lot of value.  Time, especially yours, is not valuable to almost everyone but you and for those you produce a benefit.  What is Value! Each of us defines it for ourselves and it determines what we treasure and what we ignore.   Freedom, liberty, property, money and dozens of other concepts all mean something different to each of us.  How and what we value is based on each of these concepts.  That we seldom are clear about our individual definitions insures we disagree about everything else too.

In 1988 real estate in Japan peaked and sold for $140,000 per square foot.  The 843 acres of the Imperial Palace grounds was worth more than the 101 million acres of the entire state of California.   Did the ‘value’ change because the inflated price of money changed?

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