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Interest or No Interest and How do You Know.

Is interest something you bring or some ‘thing’ that occurs based on the situation?  Are you interested in everything, nothing or somewhere in between?  Does the psychology of advertising have anything to do with it?  Are there issues, people, things you were once interested in and now no longer capture your attention?

Is the number of times you have contact a factor?  Is something more interesting the first time or later? When does ‘it’ no longer interest you?  What makes the difference?   Are you motivated by pleasure, money, power or something entirely different?  The first experience sets the bar. Do you have to beat it every time or does something else keep your interest?

There are two areas of interest to consider.  Some things may require your participation, your performing tasks and being engaged in an activity.  Building something or making something can be interesting.  Some things are interesting watching someone else performing.  You can be on the court or in the stands.  Which one is more interesting?  Does it change?  Was there a time when you had to be on the court, the one doing the activity and now you find it interesting to watch?   Were you in the stands watching and that brought you onto the court?

What are you really interested in?  What is the cause of the interest?  What has someone be enthralled with an activity or area of interest and oblivious to everything else, to be completely uninterested, or more accurately what has you focus on one thing to the exclusion of everything else?

The more you focus, the more attention you place on a subject the more of it you get, acquire and have.  What has your interest be what you don’t want?  Is that what keeps want you don’t want hanging around?  Can you change your focus, your interest to what you like, what you admire and what you respect instead?

I am interested in what you see for yourself.

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