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Play the “Game” to Win!

Most people in my experience play not to lose. The trouble with this pseudo defensive position is you never win or if it comes close to happening by accident…. YOU DON’T Deserve it and give it away.

Most people don’t play the money game to win. Because they are not willing to consider it is just another game they ignore or refuse to learn the rules, it’s something else called ‘evil’ or worse.   If you play the ‘money game’ to win you will create massive wealth and abundance for everyone you know.  Imagine a world with everyone playing the game to win!  If you have been playing not to lose you usually are stuck in survival mode or always concerned about your security.  Playing the game to win, security and thriving are included with the play!

One critical play is to stop buying debt.  You must begin buying assets.  Assets go up in value as they age.  As long as you continue buying expenses and things that go down in value, you cannot win the game.   Instead of collecting debt, begin collecting land!

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