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Five Rules for Getting Rich

Poor people resent successful people, especially rich successful people.  The current disdain for the one percent is a good example.  Whatever you view as bad or wrong in any way will never be something you can accomplish.  If you think, it is wrong, evil or corrupt to be rich.  You will stay poor.

Rule Number ONE:   Admire rich and successful people.  Figure out how or stay poor.

As long as you are paid for your time, you will always be limited in earning power.  To have unlimited earning power discover how to be paid for results instead.  Being paid based on time, which is limited, suggests you need a guarantee and don’t believe in your own abilities.  Once you believe in your value and ability to deliver you can jump to a results based income.

Rule Number TWO:   Get paid for results! Not time.  This produces NO limits on your income.

Everyone who gets paid is paid for solving one kind or another of problems.  Solve them for a profit or for pay but to be paid more, solve more and bigger problems.

Rule Number THREE:  Solve Problems!

Regardless of what you do you are paid in direct proportion to the ‘value’ you deliver to the market.  If you are of little value, you earn little.  Increase your value and your income will increase.

Rule Number FOUR:  Increase Your Value.

Everything is energy. EVERYTHING!  Money especially is energy and big money takes big energy.   Begin now! Get into shape, eat properly and get enough rest.

Rule Number FIVE:  Increase Your Energy.

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