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Focus and BE Willing!!!

Making the rounds is if you eat the frog first thing every morning everything the rest of the day will be an improvement!   The idea is do the most difficult task, the most important task of your day and the rest will take care of itself.   If you are only willing to do what’s easy eventually everything will be hard!  If you do what is hard eventually everything is easy!  Imagine that!

How do you know what to do?

Perhaps its breaking the difficult into smaller bite size pieces.  Maybe it’s adding extra time to the part that you are resistant to beginning.    Somewhere there is an opportunity in this.   If you look and see difficulty, problems and risk coupled with obstacles that is what you will find.  This sucks the energy out of you and everyone around you!

Focus on opportunities, the learning experience, potential growth and they will appear.  Focus on the rewards and look for the fun and it appears.  Interpretation is key.  Take this course free to see!!!

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