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Four Steps to Prosperity

Before you put any plan into action, you have to believe it is possible.   You must place your attention on the traits, strengths and virtues that allow you to believe you can do it.  In the realm of financial prosperity, you have to believe you deserve to rich as well as well as believe you can do what it takes.

Once you belief, and it doesn’t take much to light the fuse, you must commit to having it happen.  Once you devote yourself without any hesitation or reserve the world shifts.  The Universe will assist you, guide you, support you and even create miracles for you.  You have to commit completely first. That takes belief!

Forget comfortable.  Going for “RICH” requires more than comfortable.  If your goal includes comfortable the chances are slim and none you will ever be rich.  If your goal, if you commitment is to be rich there is a very high likelihood you will end up very comfortable.

If you have been playing the victim card you will have to lose it.  Some say stop playing that one card.  The reality is you can be a victim or you can be rich.  You cannot be both.  As long as you blame, justify or complain about anything, you are cutting your financial throat.

Light the fuse! Believe you can. 

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