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What is the Ideal Home Business?

The fatal flaw of the typical home based business is where affiliates and the opportunity is the focus instead of the product and customers. Yes you need all four too.

Far too many people respond to the opportunity only and because the product is not their ‘passion’, they leave quickly because the money never appears fast enough.  Without real, repeat customers, no business ever succeeds.

The two most common models have either repeat sales at pennies per month or one-time sales requiring constant marketing for new customers.

MOST people fail in customer acquisition.   The number of customers is always higher than imagined and the amount of income from each sale is lower.  The typical opportunity does not share that information clearly.

MOST people do not have a customer list and have to build one.  Every home business opportunity I am familiar with comes without one as well.

What would the ideal home business look like? This is my brief topic outline of what I am looking for.

No registration or franchise fees.
Low cost of entry to start the business.
Low monthly overhead.
Ability to work from anywhere.
Offers in demand products of high value.
Support and product fulfillment done for you.
Well-established and reputable company.
All marketing resources provided.
An effective and simple customer acquisition system in place.
Ongoing repeat business from customers.
Simple understandable commission structure.
Ideal is an international presence.
Ability to set and meet all your income goals.
Is something that excites you and others.
Offers both time and financial freedom.

I have never found one that meets all the above requirements. I have found one that requires you be an US citizen that is the best I have ever seen, however. It is a program offering an FDIC insured product that pays daily through your cell phone! Simple and powerful design allows anyone [USA] to do this.

Pull out a pad and pen, call 678-251-4373, and listen to a 15-minute explanation.

When you draw out the explanation it will all be clear. You will know what to do too!

I look forward to talking with you.

23 thoughts on “What is the Ideal Home Business?”

  1. I think you cove some good points Mike but need to shift Emphasis to Market Demand and if there is a Market at all . Too many folks I know are Passionate and motivated beyond belief. They just refuse to look at market numbers showing a true desire and demand for their product .or that competion doesn’t already saturate market .

    Will call on your item , hope Its not mailing At home LOL

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