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Random Thoughts Reading My Notes

I read a couple books at any given time.  Another I am rereading and in looking over my notes from the last week, I have a number of chaotic thoughts in no particular order…

Life is context and distinctions.

There are two kinds of goals.  The results goal is beyond today and may not be attainable in your lifetime.  Process goals provide daily actions to get you your results.

Goals are seldom what we want and goals lead to freedom.  Discipline leads to liberty

All successful people have a delusional quality, a belief that something different can happen.  They stay with ‘insanity’ just a little longer.   Being realistic is mediocre thinking, failure personified.

What you think is REAL.

There is true effective action and accomplishment versus magical thinking.

We use both choice and decision.  Choice leaves options in play and a decision eliminates all but the one.  The most essential skill is focus, focus, focus and then focus some more.  Fear must be ignored while using it or capturing it. Never run from your fear.  You must be willing to die for your truth. Protect your dreams and once you know what it is, go for it!

I realize eternity is easy.  Deadlines, self imposed, proscribed and prescribed are what I need to practice daily.

Interested or interesting… go for interested.

We operate from and to ‘understanding’… Perhaps it is the journey but it is meaningless except for what we say.

No fault accountability is keeping count of what matters.

Conditions for satisfaction:

Be yourself.
Operate from and for harmony.
Count what you want more of in your life.
Honor your word as yourself.

Some future blog posts here!

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