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The PARTY is Almost Over!

This 3 minute 40 second video clip may be the most important clip you have ever watched.  It is missing a few ingredients and consequently offers some hope.  I suggest it is already too late.

What’s missing you ask?

Add in state, county and city employees.  Technically the Post Office is considered private. Guess again. Add in the military too and then add in teachers, all non-profit employees, everyone on social security and last but not least those on unemployment and welfare.

ALL of them will vote for their own perceived best self-interest and cannot fathom life off the trough.  It does not matter that their jobs are essential, useful or even needed. With the exception of the military all of them would do a better job in the private sector for half the price!

Good Luck USA.  The fat lady is singing.  It’s all in God’s hands now.

9 thoughts on “The PARTY is Almost Over!”

  1. The government embraces bribery, legalizes genocide in health care policy via state controlled science, allows and supports BRAND-WASHING and SCAMPAIGNS to keep those who paid the bribe in financial power and so goes the merry go round of deception.

  2. I have sent this video to all my email contacts and also posted it to my facebook page. But this is the first time I have seen it on EAv in any manner.

  3. Numbers are the game, interesting that we in Malaysia have close to 800,000 government “servants” who lord over the general populace to their whims and fancies. In Winston Churchill’s words, Quote “Never have so many owed so much to so few” end quote, only in this case we owe them a kick in the butt. Thank you For the share 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on michellegilstrap and commented:
    This is an interesting blog about how our Government has expanded during the recession. It may just make you mad. Considering that most of us work for private small business, which is struggling, I’m amazed that Government has expanded.

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