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The Rules of Success, The Rules of Selling PT2

This continues an earlier post and you may want to give it a quick review.  This is the next eight rules of David Sandler.  Every time I review the rules I realize anew that breaking the rules insures failure OR a horrible experience.  I prefer success and feeling great!

Sandler Rule #7 You Never Have to Like Prospecting, You Just Have To Do It

Everyone on this planet is a suspect. A ‘lead’ is a suspect with a name, address and or phone number.  A prospect is a lead you engage in conversation. People who claim they love cold calling strangers have never made any. Prospecting is only a selection process and attempting to do anything else will not work.  If there is a secret its to ‘soft’ focus on the now and keep the end in mind.

Sandler Rule #8 When Prospecting, Go For the Appointment

Prospecting is a set of activities, a number of steps you use to identify a potential user of your product or service…period.  It is especially NEVER a sales opportunity and always a fact finding mission.

Sandler Rule #9 Every Unsuccessful Prospecting Call Earns Compound Interest

I hope someone told you already but here is the scoop. You will have many more unsuccessful outcomes than successful ones.  What are your common put-offs?  It may also surprise you but everyone has a different set.  Figure out how to improve your questions to eliminate or cover your favorite reasons for accepting no.

Sandler Rule #10 Develop a Prospecting Awareness

The person sitting next to you on the bus, in line at the supermarket, counts as a suspect. You won’t know if they are a prospect unless you start a conversation. A prospect provides evidence they are capable of becoming a customer.  A suspect has not provided any evidence!

Suspects who are about to turn into prospects look a whole lot like suspects who are about to say “no.” – David Sandler

Sandler Rule #11 Money Does Grow on Trees

Your hot market, your family and best friends, will provide you with referrals! Many prospects who have said no to everything else will provide you with referrals. Ask for them. Beginning the sales cycle with ‘cold’ leads is the path to burnout.  Spend more time with cool, warm or better HOT leads.

Sandler Rule #12 Answer Every Question with a Question

If you get upset when people ask questions that appear out of context, off topic or interrupt your chain of thought and explanation develop responses that ask for an explanation.  “Obviously you have a reason for saying that, may I ask what it is?” This acknowledges the question and they will further explain what they are asking.  Frequently the ‘problem’ the question they allude to is not the same problem the last person had who raised the same question with you.

Sandler Rule #13 No Mind Reading

Never assume you know what they mean. Don’t make things up. Don’t misread between the lines.  Ask them what they mean!  This is especially true for all the people in your life you talk with daily.  Misreading conversations, especially making today’s words connect to something said in the past insures an upset.  Asking for clarification keeps every conversation clean.

Sandler Rule #14 A Prospect Who is Listening Is No Prospect At All

Sales, influence requires engaging people in conversation.  Talking too much has people tune out or walk away.  You will never offend anyone by listening too much.

Perhaps the biggest reason people break the rules, any rules, is they are in a hurry and believe they don’t have enough time.  John Wooden said. If you don’t have enough time to do it right the first time, when will you have time to do it over?

More soon. I appreciate your thoughts and comments!


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