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A Path to Success

It appears to me that 2% succeed eventually while 98% struggle, sacrifice and work way too hard only to fail.  My definition of success is pretty high for this to be true.  A five figure income monthly is what I will call the 2%.  I am on the path to be part of the 2%.

There are more reasons for failure than there are people and only two for success.


#2.  Find something and/or someone you won’t quit on no matter what.

Make yourself a list of what would keep you from quitting for at least six months. What would it have to look like for a year commitment no matter what?  You already burn through all 24 hours a day.  Will you set aside ten to fifteen hours a week for your future, every week for year?

Anyone selling ‘people don’t duplicate, systems do’, is selling a system! Those who ‘build’ a business do it with people and they do not use some kind of marketing system claiming it does 95% of the work. [pure nonsense] The skill set for network marketing is simple and it is best if someone shows you first.  Most people give you a ‘guide’ and hope you’ll figure it out. Most people haven’t read a book since they left school.  How do you close that gap?  In my experience, you learn best by show and tell. Some of us need to see it many times before we are comfortable on our own.  If your experience of help is ‘good luck’ that may be the problem.

Money and the ability to maintain that part of the commitment is the reason most people quit.  There is a way to be cost free quickly and the entire business in profit.  Visit here now for a short presentation, then look over the site and then let’s discuss how this might work for you.

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