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My Five Best Reasons Why YOU Should Quit Your Job

With nearly 25% without a real job in the USA, it is always best to upgrade your employment when you already have an employer. Any one of these reasons will put you into action.

  1. Your job stifles you, holds you back, most of you don’t like it, enjoy it and Monday morning’s begin the worst day of the week.   If you would take a ‘better’ job somewhere else or are willing to entertain looking, it’s time to look.
  2. The people you work with, especially your boss, frequently make bad situations worse.  Research suggests 74% of the people or more don’t trust the company or their boss where they work. If that’s you, you are selling your soul for a paycheck. How does that feel?
  3. The security myth was always superstition, a fairy tale concocted to keep you at your desk.  There is no gold watch, pension or pot of gold at the end, anymore.  There may never have been for most people. With one event somewhere on the planet your job can be gone tomorrow without warning and there is nothing you can do about it.  You had better have a plan B!
  4. Do your own survey. Talk with people who have spent 40 years working and ask them if they could do it different, what would they have done sooner or completely different. The numbers have been consistent for over 60 years. 95% of the people with jobs end up broke or dead by age 65.  YES, it will happen to you unless you prepare now.
  5. There is ALWAYS an economic boom coming.  Soon in my view but even if it takes off 18 months from now, do you want to make your employer rich or be where you can take advantage yourself without having to ask for permission.

Keeping people adolescent and dependent is by design. Watch this fifty-minute video to see the facts.  Once you see the false and mythical boundaries, you can have it all.  You will need to prepare and create your own support system.  I suggest you figure out how much you actually require in order to be free.  Add up all of the expenses required for you to go and be at work.   Transportation, food and clothing because of work, are a large part of your ‘take home’ pay now.  I’m sure you are already rationalizing but if you really look you’ll discover how little you actually earn.  The housing crisis of the last decade should have made plain the fallacy, the myth of home ownership for many people.  The banks owned the property; you were paying rent essentially and maintaining it for the real owner.  Had you been a tenant renter you could be paying lower rent now.  If you are fortunate to still have equity in a home it won’t buy groceries.

How much do you really need to earn a week, monthly to be able to quit?  Remember, once you begin working for yourself much of what you already do is instantly tax deductible.  A home business is like having an extra 5 to 9 exemption or more. It is almost like having free children who don’t eat.  While you still have your job, you can change your exemptions and realize an immediate increase in take home pay.  I recommend you visit “this site” filled with information specific to the US home business community.  If you are not in the USA, the tax advantages are common worldwide, having a home business.  Do your research before you leap.

There are thousands of home business opportunities. How do you know which one is best for you?   With a little research, you will find books and hundreds of ideas on the subject.  At a minimum, I suggest you create an ‘I can lose this amount of money’ in your monthly budget.   It’s even better if it replaces something you are already spending money on or saves you more than it costs.   If you have a large group of people who know, like and trust you now then MLM can be a long term solution.  If you are not a marketer, have never been interested in sales you will need to learn some new skills.  I suggest being paid to learn and acquire customers!

You are already using all 24 hours in the day.  You will have to exchange what you have been doing, to do the things that will earn you extra income. For most people be prepared to carve out 1-2 hours at least 5 days a week in order to succeed.  20 hours part time is better and can create serious income quickly in the right program.  If you have to work on your own be prepared for a daunting struggle.  The amount of one on one time you will garner from your sponsor is essential in the beginning.  Find someone who will offer you 5-10 hours a week in the beginning. It’s more fun working with someone and in the beginning you’ll mostly watch, listen and learn.

My goals for a business are to have all the money I want and need and the time to spend it as I please.  It should also reduce the hassles and troubles in my life.  Most of what people have offered me in the past frequently struck out in all three areas. Some managed one and until recently, having all three seemed like a pipe dream.

Be ready to have some fun!

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