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The Leadership Con Began In Kindergarten!

The attributes of leadership is a story after the event.  What are the actions and the skills required for leadership to be present in ALL of us.  We are trained and infected by ‘schooling’ to believe there is one leader… maybe two…AND it is not me!  All of us must become leaders, without having to be in charge, without the stripes on our arms, without the star on our lapel or a title that we grant ‘leader’ and authority.   Imagine 1000 ‘leaders’ assembled in one place.  What could that accomplish?  The mass media promotes and feeds followers, slaves of convention and a schooling that taught us all how to do what we were told no matter how silly or worthless. The lessons were not to think but to shut up, sit down and be quiet until called on.  Changing that mental virus is essential or the continuing examples of one leader with thousands of followers will go on producing the same kind of results.   Armies meeting on battlefields where we ascribe ‘glory’ to one person’s behavior is not leadership but folly

Give yourself an hour. My rant continues with The Perfect Plan.  You’ve been conned.

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