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Success Requires You Eliminate Q3 and Q4

Life is filled with stuff!  All to often we put off the most important and succumb to the worthless and useless.  Fill your life with what is most important first and you will get a lot done!

lifeKnocksQ4 is TV and 95% of what you engage with day to day.  Eliminate it!  No? Then you will continue a life of hopeless mediocrity.  The Q4 quad has zero value, almost all entertainment and is designed to suck the life and dreams out of you for someone else!

Q3 is what passes as business in the world. Do you really need to answer every phone call? How often do you check your email over the day.  The world will not end if you schedule your time more wisely.

Q2 is where success lives. Devote as much time and energy into Q2 and if you do you will soon discover you eliminate the vast majority of Q1.

I will spend more time on this project as I spend more time moving my life into Q2!


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