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List Building Basics for Experts.

Everyone has a list. I have a friend who shares ‘jokes’ to over three hundred people every day or more often.  He says he doesn’t know anyone.  If you have a list how do you improve it?  There are numerous places that offer that information. The sweet spot, the one not too easy or too hard but just right is hard to find.  Review the post at National Wealth on list building!  I recently found a free viral list building tool you can use to complement any list building strategy.  I suggest the path for all of this is via play and fun. TheRightAnswer

Yes, the coin has another side or ‘something’ stops you or so you say. I have a solution but first you must recognize the problem before you may solve it.  Are you up for your best income year ever? I am.  I will help you do it too. Contact me.

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