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What is Attraction Marketing?

You will not find any prospects on this planet.  They do not exist roaming the internet either!

What is attraction marketing?  Does it find prospects?  I wanted to know so I looked it up!

“‘Attraction Marketing’ is a marketing strategy that ATTRACTS customers and clients to you who already want to buy what you have to offer. The concepts of attraction marketing as a marketing strategy will help you set your brand apart, clearly define your target markets’ wants and needs, and allow you to serve them better than the competition.”

Does the concept find prospects or is it just another marketing system bought and paid for with your cash?  If someone is spending tens of thousands a month on advertising that shares the ‘secrets’ how much is advertising and how much is the system? When and what do you buy from a web page?

I assert that “Attraction Marketing” does not now, nor ever will, find PROSPECTS. It may do a fine job finding leads but it never finds prospects. So, what does?


First you need to know some distinctions. There are three classifications or kinds of leads. This is not to say that the various kinds of ‘leads’ you are able to buy or even ‘attract’ with a capture page are bad. All leads, no matter where you find them, may be viewed this way to your benefit and theirs.

Suspects… these are names and numbers, anyone with a phone, even if you don’t know them, or anything else about them, are suspects.  Even wrong numbers are suspects. All of us are ‘suspects’ at the base level. Anyone opting into your capture page is a suspect and no more.

Possibilities… these are people who said they would look at your video, web page, or brochure. These are those suspects your capture page offered a video or two, or another page for them to process.  You will go broke waiting for possibilities to return your calls, keep their word or participate in your program but it feels like you did something, and you have hope. Hope is a terrible strategy. If they do anything just because you asked them to do it, you are preparing the ground for someone else, at best!

Prospects… these are people who have volunteered their reason for looking. Reread that again and ask yourself when do you volunteer your reasons and reasoning?  It is extremely useful to know the reason people have for wanting anything. It’s likely not yours by the way.  Once you know how to elicit what people want, they will naturally volunteer their reason for wanting it. Most people need to justify their desires.  Is volunteering their reasons to you an accident, or do you naturally engage in conversations where people tell you why they want something? Some of us learned the fine art of ‘conversations for possibility’.  There are other methods you may learn, devised to have people volunteer their reasoning. 

All your ‘leads’ remain suspects or possibilities until you talk with them. Emails and voicemails and texts have their place. What works is talking with people.  I believe many of the methods used and taught on how to talk work poorly at best.

Putting them in pain and “showing them the aspirin” is a terrible method. But it works for some. It really works for the group selling this sales model. You can buy the book for $5 or so for Kindle or pay $30K for the training. Whose pain?

Helping people feel good about themselves and helping them imagine [Do NOT tell them] is a little better, a little more useful, and transparently makes you attractive.  But many people simply talk you to death and can’t understand why people hang up or just walk away from them.

I hope you are looking for people to be friends with, who will enjoy working with you. Your plan, product or company are window dressing, and no one wants an “attractive copy” of some guru.  You, they work with you.  Why would someone want to work with you?  Have you ever asked your best friends what are your best features and your worst?  Until you learn how to maximize your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses you will forever be treading water, staying in place.  Do what you do best and learn to delegate the rest. Teams of best friends thrive and succeed at the highest levels.

To be attractive is learning to talk with people from the heart and as you really are. This is what you did as a young child. Then you went to school and eventually you learned how to succumb.  It isn’t just the words you say but where they come from.  Your ‘tribe’ will like you; some will ignore you and others are threatened by anyone telling the truth. Once you find your people the magic begins!

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles. – Sun Tzu


First, find out who you really are and what drives you… once you know who you really are, you will relate with others better and use conversation skills far more effectively. So, what drives you?  How much introspection are you willing to do?  When will you begin?

There are numerous ways to take a look at who and what you are. Briggs-Meyers tests are on the web. I’m an INTJ. There are sites that test to see ‘color’ you are. I’m a ‘white’. Look up Ten Terrains and you discover there are ’10’ kinds of consciousness. Which one are you?[today]. There are a many new ways that ‘astrology’ [I’m a Leo] is offered. Human Design claims I’m a generator. The Gene Key System combines astrology, Human Design, I-Ching and gene theory into a system that lets you discover your best attributes. All seem to insist the blank canvas we arrived in wasn’t one. Make up your own mind. [minds?]

What ways of communicating, what methods have you learned, that work for you and others?

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