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Context to Perspective, Prejudice to Understanding Part II

In my last post, context uses you if you are unaware of its hold on you.  You may change it if you know how. How does perspective compare and play a part?  In the broadest sense context is the container or what holds what you see, and perspective is seeing from the location you are viewing or imagining.  The picture above is not from where we see most of the time. What we see is from the other side of the screen. What is projected is missing from our awareness. All we have access to, what we see is either the blue square or the yellow circle.  Without awareness to what we don’t know [that we don’t know] we are caught in a trap of our own THINKING. The trap is each of us has a terministic screen that until we are aware of it, uses us.

The next picture shows both perspectives are true, but neither is the truth. Our ability or willingness to decern the truth from the true is the logic we employ. We will buy the deductive view or not.  The misused inductive reasoning can never prove the truth, however. Proof requires deductive reasoning.  Again, a trap of our own design.

The trap we fall into, when a past trauma similar to something now, triggers a reaction magnified by the groups we participate with.  Birds of a feather seem to have similar traumas!  We may not even be able to see what is true! What we see is a function of our terministic screen.   In the mid-60’s Kenneth Burke defined terministic screen or field to label how some people saw one event and others saw something different, both from the same place.  I found it looking for a better way to learn Spanish as all the expensive methods I’ve paid for have become like moldy oldies.  As soon as the song appears, I know every word but when the music stops, I can’t remember the tune much less the title.

Is it possible to enhance your screen? Both the one you see through and the one you listen through? Is there a way to see and hear without the screen?   Who is the next picture laughing at? Men or something else? Their terministic screens choose what they can see and believe unless you become aware. Awareness gives you a small chance to understand yours and theirs.

Bruce Lipton is an epigenetics scientist pushing the envelope in genetics.  He has offended many because he threatens those who won’t change their views, their beliefs, their screens. I imagine Henry Ford is in Bruce’s corner.  “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

If you can set aside what you believe is true you might be able to see what is actually there. The myth and superstitions of our age, racism, climate change, Armstrong’s walk on the moon and nearly everything else peddled as true and factual owns you, keeps you in lock step with a default future you are stuck with … until you see who you really are. Now go read a book.

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