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Werner Erhard Quotes

“I am sometimes asked whether I ‘really’ mean that people are wholly responsible for their experience of life, as if I wished to blame people in poor circumstances. For example, I am asked whether accident victims are ‘responsible’ for having accidents. I hope it has become clear in the context I have developed above that such questions might involve an oversimplification. Responsibility, in my view, is simply the awareness that my universe of experience is my own including the experiences of those events in my life I call accidents.

Responsibility begins with the willingness to acknowledge that my self is the source of my experience of my circumstances. And yet, on occasion, some people think that I think accidents do not happen – or would not happen, if I were ‘really’ responsible. I am sure you will understand my occasional dismay when I am asked questions of this sort. On…

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How Life Works [for anyone]

There is no such thing as prosperity, success, and numerous others. No? They won’t go into a wheelbarrow. I found the next three paragraphs to what I held as a reality of mine once upon a time, not so long ago.  I am letting this go.  

Do you know prosperity is a natural state? “I believe” is a sacred saying, and something as simple and difficult as prosperity is either so, or it is not. Who ‘believes’ in golf or Doge Vipers? Who believes in baseball bats or men walking on the moon? They are all real and solid portions of truth, and anyone living on this planet that looks around must see the opportunity for prosperity is everywhere, or they are blind. It is a ‘light’ switch that turns the current set of circumstances of having yourself rummaging around in the dark abyss of helplessness, and in a nanosecond, the lights are on. The circumstances have not changed but what and where you must turn, and how you may clean up the situation are all visible. Turn on the lights! Prosperity is true and as real as buying a television or watching the sunset every evening in the Andes Mountains.

Are you worthy of prosperity? Richard Bach wrote, “Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they are yours.”  Your saying so makes it so for you. Belief is not the muscle to work here. While the world keeps saying you are not worthy in so many thousand ways, you must say otherwise. Your saying so makes it so. The path is ‘the way to get what you want is to want what you got.’ Look and see if the most precious and wonderful moments of your life have occurred as miracles and disappeared all too quickly while the stuff you cannot stand hangs around forever. THAT IS, YOU. You doing it. Whatever you resist persists. Once you are grateful and see the wonder in what you have, it will disappear, and something else will appear in its place. You can have everything and anything you are willing to take a stand for.

I have used ‘expectations’ to assess the cause of upsets. There is a gap between what I expect and what is occurring. You can change your expectations, once you notice what they are and the underlying rule or rules you have adopted that are running the show right now. Some rules made sense when I was three but have never made sense since and only and always when triggered produce a three-year-old’s upset and associated tantrum. [The best of us hides these very well.] Each rule I adopt is associated with one or more commitments. Should I keep the commitment, modify it or be a voice for it? What is my underlying commitment, and how may I express it to have agreement and alignment? Do I intend prosperity in my world and all those around me? I do. Do I support it occurring for everyone or only a select group I deem worthy? Does it come after producing all the ‘merit’ badges for it, or do I support its appearance now, and now and now and now and now… My experience is for far too many people, the people we associate with, play a large role in our ability to have prosperity occur. Rocks are hard, water is wet, and the poor will always be here. You don’t have to be one. Turn on the light switch. Stop doubting. Quit looking for reasons it won’t happen and see that it will. It is your saying so. You say the way it is now.

What has changed? Nothing really except my understanding. The above is a context and not reality.

You are in your thinking [in the stands] or in your life [on the court].

I recently spent the most amazing three weeks with Michael Neill and nearly 300 people on zoom! Forty years ago, I began a quest to discover what I was doing that had my life so profoundly easy to me, not always for me. Remember est? Quickly, the search becomes, what is my life about? I took on commitment and responsibilities. As in, I am committed, and responsible for a World that works for everyone, with no one left out and no one left behind. [Like anyone could/should do that??!] I began to fly the plane, be the pilot of my life.

Today I saw first-class or coach get me there at the same time without worry or struggle. Sitting in the copilot seat is enjoyable, and I don’t need to fly the plane. Someone/thing with all the information knows better than me. I thank Bucky, and Werner, Steve Zaffron, Byron Katie, Steve Chandler, Eckhart Tolle, Maria Nemeth, Bill Harris, Stuart Wilde, and a few others that laid the groundwork for the 3 Principles to reach me. I am home.

Michael Neill, I thank you for Sydney Banks, Jack and George Pranskey, Elsie Spittle, Linda Quiring, Chantal Burns, Amy Johnson, and others, I’m sure. Thank you all in this course for letting me listen in on your insights and miracles. I’m no longer in charge of the Universe or writing any rules for it. It may take a while to completely unhook from having a rule for everything. I am back to where I began allowing each day to unfold as it will. Sitting in first class just above the cockpit with a full view of the Universe coming toward me is the best seat anyone could ask for. Aurora Borealis dancing alongside a million billion stars in the Milky Way is the dream come true. The world works, and life works for anyone willing to let it be.

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The Leadership Con Began In Kindergarten!

After ten years and serious courses regarding leadership, this is more poignant today than ever. Got a couple minutes?

How Life Works

The attributes of leadership are stories after the event.  What are the actions and the skills required for leadership to be present in ALL of us?  We are trained and infected by ‘schooling’ to believe there is one leader… maybe two…AND it is not me!  We must all become leaders, without having to be in charge, without the stripes on our arms, without the star on our lapel or a title that we grant ‘leader’ and authority.   Imagine 1000 ‘leaders’ assembled in one place.  What could that accomplish?  The mass media promotes and feeds followers, slaves of convention, and schooling that taught us all how to do what we were told no matter how silly or worthless. The lessons were not to think but to shut up, sit down and be quiet until called on.  Changing that mental virus is essential or the continuing examples of one leader with thousands…

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