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The List of What Everyone Wants

Not knowing what you want ensures you’ll never find it. Sometimes you will pick something just to stop not knowing. There are all kinds of opportunities and objects surrounding us.  How do you know what to choose?  The other side is when you pick something there always seems to be something missing.  You may have even decided what you just acquired isn’t it and you send it back only to discover it is something you want but there is something more but you don’t know what it is.  The first step in finding what you want is to know what all your choices are.  It is not an infinite list.


I have identified fifteen different ‘things’ or separate areas all of us want.  Until I looked at this list I didn’t have a way to determine what was missing. I just knew something was.  This list is open for additions and improvements.  I will improve or add to each category too.  This list is not in any particular order because if anything is missing the entire list is incomplete.  Do you have a feeling that something is missing? Should you trust your feelings? Go with your gut works for me.

As I have gotten older “feeling better” is a larger part of the conversation.  Most people I know would like to feel better and many spend a lot of energy and money having it happen.  The healthcare, wellness, and fitness industries are about feeling better. Related to being healthier is living longer, especially if you can have all fifteen of these!

Another easy one is the amount of time we spend on relationships, love, experiencing a connection.  Most of us want more or see where there is room for improvement in this area. If you have ever lost your temper, said something you wish you could take back, or have been disappointed in your behavior, you too would like to behave better.  We do settle into habits that define us, as we grow older.  The longer we have used the ‘habit’ to define us the harder it is to change.

While being smarter may be out of reach, all of us would like to make better decisions.  We have all experienced moments of clarity, clear thinking that if we had more of those moments it would help in all the other areas.

Ok, there are aisles of books on what it takes to be happy.  There is always more happiness to have too. No one I know will say no to more happiness!  However, happiness is the path, not the destination or direction.


A second cousin to happiness is inner peace; a sense of security that all will be well is on the list.  Everything will turn out all right in the end. If it isn’t all right now, you have not gotten to the end.

More money is on my list and the time to enjoy spending it is part of the requirement.  My ultimate goal is to produce enough residual and passive incomes that the right side of the menu is no longer a consideration.

Having a ‘labor of love’ makes earning the money more than worth the time.

I want all my challenges to be Goldilocks ones.  Not so easy are boring and not so hard they keep me frustrated but that group of challenges that are just right!  I have found “just right” moves from day to day, especially when I haven’t been paying attention, or have settled into a habit that does not include growth or opportunity. Living at the edge of the comfort zone with an intention to expand the zone means to move along the line every day.

I want to understand people better. I am sure much of what passes as indifference is really an area where understanding has become too difficult or painful. I suspect the first person to figure out is myself.  I have discovered birds of a feather enjoy being together.

I want to be understood too. Don’t you?  Of course, I’d like it to happen easily, with as few words as possible and as few explanations, as necessary and as long as we are building this list I’ll ask for all of it, a mutual ‘grok’ and it seems humans tend to go with their first impression in seconds.


Another aisle of books is being more persuasive.  Sometimes I think if I could just have this one all the others would fall into line.  Wouldn’t you like to know how to get everything you want using persuasion?!  Some would have us believe we need to learn how to influence and it is different than persuasion yet I’m not sure either way isn’t able to manipulate a prescribed outcome.  If ‘NO’ isn’t one of the choices…

Everyone I know loves having made a difference. We remember when we have and when we have not.  A single word or a timely action has us come to the rescue.   Don’t you want to know you make a difference? AND, YOU do, by the way, just being who you are.

Many people want a spiritual connection, some deny it’s possible, but if you have been touched by the Universe or you have met Infinity you want more!

The ‘way’ to get or have what you want is a life lived, moment to moment.  Taking the Faustian Bargain doesn’t end well.  The preferred path is to want what you got, gratitude is the attitude, and everything will arrive once you stop doubting, and the gestation period is complete.

Resist the tendency to collapse a few of these into each other.  Each one is a work in progress in my world. Once I had the list wondering what was missing isn’t quite so loud.  Did I miss something?

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Starve Yourself to Wealth!?

Cutting back on calories is one way to increase your pocket change!  You may lose weight too.  There is a “Holy Grail” to losing weight and the idea is simple… consume fewer calories.

Many of you already have found out that your body ‘adjusts’ and you still gain weight! Not anymore!!!!!

However, science suggests eating fewer calories is the key to the four biggest health benefits most of us want, including living longer (see all 4 in the great new article)…

It IS frustrating, though: virtually everyone finds cutting calories, especially long-term, to be among the HARDEST things they ever do… many try but most give up because it feels impossible!  I have done it and always falter around the six month point.

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This simple new solution enters your bloodstream in just 23 seconds, meaning it kills your cravings immediately.

YES, you start burning fat rapidly and experiencing all the other benefits of a calorie restriction right away.  I like this a lot!

But what really separates this powerful new approach from even the “best” diets is that it makes it easy to AVOID cravings (and the calories that come with them) over the long-term!  You know the ones where the refrigerator screams your name after 8pm!

Research has pinpointed cutting a fourth of calories for a year as an “optimal” level to reap the complete benefits of a calorie-restricted-diet.  You then have dramatic weight loss, heart health, and all the rest.

At the end of this article, discover why this new solution finally makes that easy...

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What is Passion?

Almost ten years ago the handwriting was already on the wall in my view regarding the current situation in the USofA.  My research identified where but not the how or when.

The Universe took care of the rest.

This is one of my favorite videos because it is true for me.

A wonderful lifestyle is possible and while there is creeping North Americanisms here Colombia remains true to herself!