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Starve Yourself to Wealth!?

Cutting back on calories is one way to increase your pocket change!  You may lose weight too.  There is a “Holy Grail” to losing weight and the idea is simple… consume fewer calories.

Many of you already have found out that your body ‘adjusts’ and you still gain weight! Not anymore!!!!!

However, science suggests eating fewer calories is the key to the four biggest health benefits most of us want, including living longer (see all 4 in the great new article)…

It IS frustrating, though: virtually everyone finds cutting calories, especially long-term, to be among the HARDEST things they ever do… many try but most give up because it feels impossible!  I have done it and always falter around the six month point.

But with a cutting-edge breakthrough in natural appetite control, you’re about to see why that all changes NOW!!

This simple new solution enters your bloodstream in just 23 seconds, meaning it kills your cravings immediately.

YES, you start burning fat rapidly and experiencing all the other benefits of a calorie restriction right away.  I like this a lot!

But what really separates this powerful new approach from even the “best” diets is that it makes it easy to AVOID cravings (and the calories that come with them) over the long-term!  You know the ones where the refrigerator screams your name after 8pm!

Research has pinpointed cutting a fourth of calories for a year as an “optimal” level to reap the complete benefits of a calorie-restricted-diet.  You then have dramatic weight loss, heart health, and all the rest.

At the end of this article, discover why this new solution finally makes that easy...

Finally, please “pay it forward” by passing this good news on to anyone you know who has been frustrated with the calorie-restriction battle. I promise they will thank you for it!

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What do Doctors Think of Obamacare?

I am sure there are opinions found for every side of this issue.  The worst case scenario is the ‘Supremes’ let it live.  Congress built it in the manner of Frankenstein. Expecting them to now ‘fix’ the monster is asking the impossible.

There was a better path to take. The trouble has been the one taken the last two decades. It is time the USA returns to what it was known for in the past.  Taking the best the world has produced and re-formulating the parts into the best the world has to offer.  Not the current monster.  The current monster has another purpose and it is not health care.

What say you?


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The Forty Year Plan

This presentation has been banned from usual ‘feeder’ programs.

Colleges and unversities promote a dead end opportunity.

Now you should at least get the Kindle version of the recommended reading.

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