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Heart + Sacrifice + Pain = Success

This is the shortest 14 minutes you will ever watch. Save it for future use whenever you are stuck, down, tired, willing to go to sleep instead of making one more call, placing one more ad.  We have been given an easy life. Much easier than any before ours and it has made us soft.  Watch the video!  Will you sacrifice what you are for what you can become?  Pain is always temporary and is always replaced with something better unless you quit, unless you give up and then the pain is permanent.

Watch the video!

financies, internet marketing, transformation, wealth

Success Requires You Eliminate Q3 and Q4

Life is filled with stuff!  All to often we put off the most important and succumb to the worthless and useless.  Fill your life with what is most important first and you will get a lot done!

lifeKnocksQ4 is TV and 95% of what you engage with day to day.  Eliminate it!  No? Then you will continue a life of hopeless mediocrity.  The Q4 quad has zero value, almost all entertainment and is designed to suck the life and dreams out of you for someone else!

Q3 is what passes as business in the world. Do you really need to answer every phone call? How often do you check your email over the day.  The world will not end if you schedule your time more wisely.

Q2 is where success lives. Devote as much time and energy into Q2 and if you do you will soon discover you eliminate the vast majority of Q1.

I will spend more time on this project as I spend more time moving my life into Q2!


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Money, Customers and Time Won’t Buy Success

An infinite number of customers and an unlimited amount of money will not insure your success!  You know it’s true too.  Yet there are dozens if not hundreds of programs, systems and opportunities all claiming they will provide those two particles if you will only open your wallet, spend your money and join with their members so you too can achieve the success you deserve.

What if the success you have now is what you deserve?  That is a different position than the one held by most of us, is it not!  Yes! You currently have the success you deserve, no more and no less because the Universe really is fair.  I am not saying this is the truth however. It is just a place to look from, at what you have right now.

If all success is only a function of what you deserve, then what must you do or better yet ‘be’ to deserve more today than yesterday?  If you don’t know this, tomorrow never comes. All you have is today. What might you change that would have you deserve more today than yesterday?

Money and time won’t cover it.


What are you thinking about?  Would you expect a fireplace to give off heat if there was no wood to burn? You want a huge fire you say, it’s going to take a lot more wood than the kindling you have put in yours so far.

What if everything, nearly everything anyway, you have been told and sold is either completely wrong or totally incomplete.

I assert that is so!

Watch the short seven minute presentation and then join for free.  You will become whatever you think about!   On your mark, get set, start thinking…

What IF is a short video on a way to have it all!